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what is streak?
Streak is a neo-bank specially curated for teenagers. We provide a pre-paid card linked to our app with unique safety controls. Streak is built on bank grade systems so that your teen can safely explore their way towards their financial future.
start a reward winning streak.
teens can transact using their Streak card and earn Streak Coins. Streak Coins lets them claim exciting rewards.
a cycle, a new phone? save for it.
Streak helps your teen save money for their goals and also track their progress towards achieving them.
incentivize tasks for teens.
earning allowance becomes sweeter. tie your teen's pocket-money to tasks. make completing errands fun & rewarding.
pre-paid card
good money habits last a lifetime.
give your teen a personalized card, along with a tailored, transparent and secure banking experience.
absolutely safe and secure.
secure encrypted systems
banking-grade encryption
instantly pause or block card